Famous Foods in Dubai

Famous Foods in Dubai

If you are thinking about going to Dubai for your honeymoon, there are some things that you should know about the food that is available for you on your trip. Dubai has a large variety of food that you can choose from when it comes to dining out at restaurants. The following are just some of the more famous food in the city.


These are one of those food items that everyone seems to love. It can be easy to understand why. A kebab is basically a dish that combines ingredients from all over the Middle East. This type of dish uses a variety of different spices to create a dish that is as unique as the spices used.

Kara Souk, or Kofta

is also popular. While you may not realize it, kofta is one of those popular dishes that is a lot of fun to sit around the table and eat. In fact, this is a place that many of Dubai’s famous restaurants have in common.


Kutubah is a popular dish that has long been one of the most famous foods in the world. It is a dish that has a very unique history, which is interesting to learn about if you ever go to a restaurant.


While samosa is one of the most famous dishes of all, you will find that it has been made in many other forms throughout time. You can find many of the dishes that are used in the west in the east. In fact, there are some dishes that are even from India.

Some of the more famous items in the city include kebabs, rotis, samosas, floods, and shish kebabs. If you want to try out some of these, you should consider going out for dinner at the local pub or restaurant.

While there are a number of foods that are quite famous around the world, you may also find that there are other dishes that are as famous that are used in Dubai.