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What Is Video Conferencing?

What is Video Conferencing? Video conference is a method to hold a meeting in real-time via two or more visual communication terminals, with either the use of a telephone handset or television monitor. Video conference has various applications in the fields of business, education, medical, etc. Many people have already realized the benefits of this technology and therefore, it is becoming a popular method of communication. With the help of the latest technologies, video conferencing can be conducted easily and quickly.

There are many types of video conference types. The most common type is a web conference, which can be conducted over the Internet using chat programs or email programs. The video output of the web conference will be sent to the telephone line or a television screen. A video conference with video output can also be conducted over the Internet using an instant messaging (IM) program. A video conference which is conducted over the Internet with audio output will also be sent to a television screen.

There are some significant differences between a web conference and a normal video conferencing. A web conference consists of one large image that is displayed on the computer monitor of every participant. Audio is not transmitted by the web conference. Similarly, the video output and audio output are different in a web conference. Another major difference is that in a web conference, there is no need for participants to speak face-to-face. Participants can communicate with each other through their computers.

There are several benefits of using video conferencing. It allows individuals who previously could not have been physically near to participate in the same business meeting. Video conference helps to save money and provides for a smoother transfer of information. Video conferencing can be conducted simultaneously with the audio conference so that the two can be interchanged.

A web conference helps to reduce expenses of travel and meeting expenses as well. Since participants do not have to travel and meet in a business center, the companies have reduced costs associated with conducting meetings. Web conference calls help to decrease the time needed to conduct a meeting and increase productivity and employee morale. There are many different kinds of web conferences that allow different types of participants to connect and work together from their personal computers.

Video conferencing has changed the way the world conducts business. This new technology offers businesses a way to conduct meetings without having to provide physical facilities for participants. This helps to save the costs associated with meeting physical participants. Video conferencing can also be used for training purposes and in the process students and workers can learn more about a particular subject or business.